Future inspired skincare & makeup kit in four easy steps!

Introducing the skincare/makeup inspired BRYT Pro Kit ‘Clear healthy skin for flawless makeup’.

Developed by BRYT Skincare in collaboration with some of UK’s leading professional Makeup artists, BRYT Pro will cleanse, nourish, protect and prime your skin to achieve a flawless face ready for a professional makeup finish.

It’s the perfect travelling companion as all retail sizes are 100ml and it is presented in a clear cosmetic bag.

BRYT Skincare advocates a customised 3-step process of Cleansing, Nourishing and Protecting to maintain an uncomplicated yet effective regime.

This kit includes Step 4 to Prime the skin using our ‘hero’ product Calm Serum.  This ‘superfood’ infusion of antioxidants, essentials oils and vitamins enable the skin to breath whilst maintaining perfect makeup for 12 hours or more.

BRYT Pro Kit

Step 1. BRYT Remove

Our Award Winning makeup remover which works like magic on foundation and even the most stubborn mascara and liquid lipstick!

“An extremely gentle, naturally derived, water-based cleansing solution that is perfect for removing even the most stubborn smokey eye!” Alex Hatton, Beauty Editor, RSVP Magazine

Step 2. BRYT Calm Serum 

This serum is rich in skin balancing active ingredients which penetrate deep down to cell level. BRYT Calm helps regulate and normalise the skin, helping it rediscover its natural equilibrium.  It’s the perfect primer and serum all in one!

Step 3. BRYT Day Moisturiser with SPF 15

A mattifying day cream with African Mongongo oil, used for thousands of years by the Kalahari Bushmen to protect their skin from the harsh desert environment, is rich in Eleostearic Acid which reacts with UV light to form a protective layer on the skin.

Step 4. Prime with Calm Serum prior to makeup

Using BRYT Pro protects the skin from pollution and toxic damage from make-up and outside forces (specifically, what are known as free radicals). This is done with the assistance of antioxidant ingredients in all our products which help the skin cells regenerate and prevent the skin from oxidising. BRYT Pro enables you to build up a natural protective barrier ensuring that your make-up application is long lasting but most importantly, your skin health and wellbeing is being maintained.

BRYT Pro kit